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Dynavyte now available in the UK

08-June-2018 15:27
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by Admin

We are excitted to anounce that Dynavyte is now avaliable in the uk

Try and tested the results speak for them self with the horses glowing from the inside out.

If you are interested in any of these amazing products from dynavyte please email Tess at


Microbiome Support

is a gut health product formulated by fermenting humates and kelp.  It is highly bio available, being readily absorbed into the animals system.

Using Microbiome Support in the appropriate doses may be beneficial in:

  • Stabilising the micro flora in the gut which may lead to an improvement in the animals behaviour
  • Assisting in improving food conversion which may lead to a reduction in feed costs
  • Boosting the immune system which may assist in allowing performance animals to cope with workloads
  • Supporting  broodmares and foals with their nutritional requirements in times of stress and need.

Microbiome Support can be added to hard feeding regimes or applied directly over the tongue. Microbiome Support can improve gut function and feed conversion so significantly, as long as your horses receive a nutritionally balanced diet suitable for their work load and environmental conditions, (ie including electrolytes) it is not so necessary to add vitamins and minerals.  And if you do, they will absorb them so much more efficiently with less waste by excretion.  When using Microbiome Supportthere is generally no need to use other forms of nutritional supplements.

Microbiome Support does not contain any FEI prohibited substances.



For limb tenderness

A natural herbal formula which may temporarily relieve minor aches, bruising and muscle tenderness.

Using Tenderfoot may be beneficial for animals that depend on freedom of movement, suppleness and flexibility, no matter the exercise performed or the ground conditions.

Active ingredient: Magnolia Extract 550mg/mL




is a natural product that may be useful for people wishing to reduce anxiety in their animal or assist in “taking the edge off” to allow their animal to be more predictable when undertaking a range of activities, such as floating, shoeing, training etc.

Equiette is made from a variety of herbs and does not contain any ingredients that are responsible for sedating an animal. Being a herbal product, Equiette is best given four hours before the activity to allow for maximum absorption and distribution via the blood system.

Dosage: 15mL- 30mL per 500kg bodyweight.  Give 20-40 minutes before exercise or travel.  May be repeated in 5-6 hours if required.


Stopgreasy Water Resistant Ointment

An all natural topical salve which may help to alleviate minor dermatological abnormalities.  Stopgreasy is a natural herbal product that has been developed to address less severe cases of greasy heel, a frustrating condition for both horse and owner.

Directions Before applying, thoroughly clean the affected area with baby oil or paraffin. DO NOT USE WATER OR SOAP. Only remove loose scabs.