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Campfire International CCI 3*

07-August-2018 12:08
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by Admin

It was a good event at Campfire in ireland with Dassett Courage in the CCI 3* and Leo Distinction in the CIC 3*


Dassett Courgae (Ned) was off to a great start with a beautiful test to sit 8th on a 30.8 after dressage. He then stormed around the xc wih just 4 time faults to move up to 6th, the show jumping proved very influential and 2 unfortunate rails for ned left him finishing in the 7th respectfully but at the same time gaining his qualications for WEG and 4*.

Leo Distinction (sox) was also off to a great start with a PB of 35 to sit in 16th. Show Jumping didnt go to plan for sox with 3 down and was withdrawn for xc

Both sox and ned both head to Summerford for a quiet OI run in a few weeks time.