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Blenheim and Ballindenisk

02-October-2017 9:32
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by Admin

It was gtreat to finally have Dassett Courage (Ned) back to 3 star level for the ERM class at Blenheim. It has been a long and slow process of rehab and preparation following his injury in 2016 but he felt every bit the class athlete I remember. That is until my unscheduled dismount, half way round the xc!!

Our dressage was a little rusty and although I was pleased with his performance at this stage, I just made far too many mistakes myself. I feel, easily improvable. His clear show jumping round was a pleasure to ride over a tough track and the xc was going well, perhaps too well until the tricky coffin combination in the woods at number 14. Again, I take full responsibility for our downfall as I just missed the correct line with a tad too much pace meaning a very awkward distance to the big, skinny triple brush of the exit and Ned had no choice but to swerve to safety.

Battered and bruised, I decided that I couldn't go on to Boekelo without a better build up so a hasty reroute was planned, heading off to Ballindenisk for the CIC*** a few days latter to try again.

I haven't been to a wetter event for an awfully long time. The organisers did a surperb job and went the extra mile but sadly the rain just kept coming and the mud just got deeper and deeper. I was thrilled this time with all three phases, polishing up the dressage to take the lead, followed by a great show jumping round in a monsoon!1 I had one of my best ever xc rounds but didn't hurry too much with Boekelo in mind to finish a nice 3rd.

So we are off to Boekelo for the last event of the season for Team Tait. Ned will be joined by Havanna vant Castanaenof there